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I'm passionate about painting & crafting. I also love spreading fun and happiness through art. I’m here to make sure an individual or group of friends, family, and colleagues have a creatively fun and memorable time while at the same time, learning simple techniques & tricks to make amazing art. 

Certified Teacher

About Me (the artist)

My Interests


I have a degree in Arts.  Majored in Computer Graphics & Multi-Media. I have a passion for Arts & Crafts. I love drawing, painting, and being creative in many artistic fields such as designing greeting cards, paper crafting, making jewelry, working with Adobe Illustrator, etc. 

My services


Based in Los Angeles (Northridge), California. I'm the owner and Art Instructor for Paint Me A Party, a Paint & Sip mobile entertainment company. I also have multiple merchandise online stores showcasing my traditional and digital art work on various products such as clothing, phone cases, tote bags, etc.

How to Reach Me


Call or text me at 

(818) four, five, eight - 8188

You can also reach me by email or on my Social Media accounts below.

Company History

A small business and local Paint & Sip mobile service. Lia has been an art instructor for paint & sip parties since 2015. She partners up with various establishments as an independent contractor. On some occasions, her friends, husband & other family members participate in helping her  grow by supporting & assisting with marketing, setting-up for events, etc.

Way back when she was a part-time art instructor, she was also in Real Estate. Although she has the talent & a degree in Arts, she worked in the Real Estate industry for over a decade before changing paths. It's not until her husband took her on a paint & sip date night that she remembered why Art is so important to her. She found painting very rewarding, therapeutic & fun. She started attending paint  classes almost every week after that one Paint & Sip date. Her husband jokingly suggested to just work in the art & entertainment industry. She took it seriously, committed to it, and now she owns her own Paint & Sip mobile entertainment company. 

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Paint Me A Party

Los Angeles, California, United States


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